Admission & Application

Prerequisites for admission

You can apply for both programmes - in this case you need to choose a "main application" and a "further application", depending on your preferences. You will be ranked for your main application automatically. If you do not make it into the selection after step 3, you will automatically be reviewed for your "further application". In both cases, your language proficiency needs to be adequate.

In case you apply for both programmes please note the following:

(1) You take the admission test only one time
(2) Your application documents need to be in English 
(3) Personal presentation needs to be in English 

Secondary education

  • General Hochschulreife (secondary education certificate)
    or a foreign equivalent certificate, recognized either on the basis of international agreement or on the basis of accepted recognition or

  • Studienberechtigungsprüfung (university entrance qualification)
    Important: If you have diplomas / documents regarding your Secondary Education which were not issued by Austrian authorities, we kindly ask you to check these links: "Beglaubigung" and "Legalisation". Requirements vary from country to country. Only documents which have the required legalization and are submitted in German or English will be taken into consideration.

Application procedure

Step 1:
Online application.
Upload following documents (max. 2 MB):

  • Secondary education diploma (see requirements above)
  • Letter of Motivation (max. 1 page, English)
  • Passport copy
  • CV

Note: We ask international candidates to send application materials as mentioned above in hard copy to (please send copies and not the original documents):

Innovation & Management in Tourism
imte office team
Campus Urstein Süd 1
5412 Puch/Salzburg
Austria / Europe

Translation requirements
In case you have documents of your Secondary Education degree which are not in German, we kindly ask you to see the following links:

General admission requirements

Legalisation and translation requirements

Documents need to be uploaded with your online application (in this case NO LATE HAND IN is possible). International certificates will initially be reviewed by our international admissions committee.

Note: Applications which are not complete and /or which do not have the required legalizations will not be considered!

Step 2:
Admission test (either online or in-house)
Online tests only possible for applicants living outside of the European Union, Switzerland or Norway.

Important: Applicants located outside of Europe are asked to contact a British Council or Goethe Institut office in their vicinity. Check: to find BC offices worldwide. See for GI offices. If there is no such office in your vicinity, contact an embassy or other trustworthy location. Once you have arranged for a supervised testing location, send name of  supervisor + email address as well as website of testing institution to imte office at:

The admission test is a multiple-choice examination conducted completely in English. A short English essay is also required. The test will check your general knowledge in the fields of

  • Business & Economics
  • English proficiency
  • Tourism
  • Computers including internet usage, etc.

For preparation please read the article „Innovation: A guide to the literature“ by Jan Fagerberg (2003).
Download "Innovation: A Guide to the Literature" (pdf)

Step 3:
Personal presentation
Details on contents & procedures will be sent to viable candidates accordingly. Video is submitted for applicants who are not located in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway at the time of applying. Interviews are conducted with all those who come to our facilities for the placement test.

Important note to non-EU applicants:
(1) Visa
Should you be admitted into our program, it will be your own responsibility to obtain the necessary visa to study in Austria. We know from experience that this can be a very time-consuming procedure. For further information see:

Costs & Fees

Tuition fee: 363,-- EUR  + student union fee 19.20 EUR per semester
Excursions: approx. 500,-- EUR
Other costs: accommodation, books, learning material, laptop,...

For any further questions you may have regarding the course of study or application procedures, please contact:

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