Special Competencies

Experience Design

  • Psychological and Sociological Phenomena in Tourism
  • Experience Design Theory, Cases and Project
  • Storytelling
  • Attraction Management


Product development in tourism is very much related to the creation of unforgettable experiences. The psychological and sociological phenomena in tourism are the basis to build on and to understand motives of travellers. Strategic experience design aims to meet customer expectations. Theoretical knowledge will be gained about how to use methods and techniques of imagineering and storytelling to stage experiences and the skills will be used by working on a real experience design project. The coursework in „Experience Design“ deepens knowledge how imagineering and attraction management is practically used in different types of tourist attractions like museums, themeparks, expositions or hotels by discussing best practice cases during an excursion and in lectures. The visited attractions will help to understand the importance of theming, dramatic structure, professional visitor management and how to make experiences memorable.


  • Human Resource Management & Leadership
  • Business Planning
  • Change Management
  • Business Ethics


Thriving entrepreneurs excel in their ability to achieve a good balance between openness and enthusiasm for new ideas on the one hand and controlled experimentation with new approaches on the other. Proper transfer of the methodological core competencies of innovation management makes all the difference. Successful entrepreneurship – more important than ever for touristic SMEs in particular – depends on the adept management of diverse processes which characterise the value creation chain in tourism. Essentials include planning, communication, organisation and coordination competencies – which are therefore indispensable curricular components. Coursework in „Business Ethics“ reinforces a critical and reflective approach to the topic of entrepreneurship – one which is to be viewed as a mind-set for all entrepreneurial activities. Attained skills can be applied in an all-encompassing project during the „Business Planning“ course, whereby the focus lies on the planning and development of innovative touristic services as well as on their evaluation in regard to economic feasibility and appropriateness to organisational parameters at a practical level.


  • Global Understanding of New Media
  • Social Networks & Service Industry
  • Economic & Social Consequences
  • Media Consumer Adoption


Merging tourism and the internet have led to a subject area marked by exceptional dynamics. In the last four decades, information and communication technologies (ICT) have become an essential support for tourism. Initially, it was important for increasing efficiency in the processing of information. Nowadays, ICT is relevant at all operative, structural and strategic levels. Forerunners in the field of eTourism nowadays deal with topics such as augmented and virtual reality, near field communication as well as gamification. In addition to traditional communication and distribution approaches, the strategic use of eTourism to enhance the tourism experience will make the difference for future success. In a strongly research oriented approach, eTourism courses will lead to the realization of scientific papers which deal with ground-breaking topics. The intensive use of the eTourism-lab provides opportunities for experimenting with and analysing future technologies which will alter the tourism industry.

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