Accreditation & Certificates

International accreditation of our high educational quality

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences recently underwent in 2010-11 the legally prescribed institutional evaluation, with the aim to promote quality assurance and development as well as to implement the educational mission.

The evaluation process was based on the Evaluation Regulations of the Austrian UAS Council (EvalVO 08/2009) coordinated by the Office of Quality Management and Organizational Development and supported by independent and internationally-recognized quality assurance agency the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA).

The international referees of the Peer Review Team from management & direction, quality management, teaching and research as well as the student body reviewed the areas of strategy and organization, quality management, the performance areas of teaching and research as well as the HR, financial and infrastructure at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences as extremely positive.

The assessors concluded that "the SUAS manages its overall responsibility as an educational institution and meets its educational mission very well"!

It is emphasized that the Integrated University Quality Management System (IHQMS) of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is described in the evaluation report as a QM system that is "clearly oriented towards its principles and strategy and is impressive in its systematics!"

The range of courses offered by the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has been positively accredited by FIBAA since November 2011.

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"Family-Friendly University" Certificate

The "universityandfamily" standard is a State seal of approval developed by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth (now Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy) which specifically audits the compatibility of professional opportunities and family requirements in universities.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers a family-friendly working and learning environment to students as well as employees and acquired this certificate for the first time in 2013. Within the framework of the audit, existing measures were evaluated as well as new approaches and strategies developed. The central family-friendly focus at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is particularly on the children of students and staff, while as a result of demographic changes the care of close family members is also gaining importance.

Good compatibility of studies, research or teaching with family needs has been confirmed by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth with the awarding of this "universityandfamily” State seal of approval.

For students and employees

For students there is a wealth of information on offers to combine studying with child-care, and in 2013 appropriate considerations in the examination regulations were newly developed (e.g. recognition of a child’s illness as a reason for non-attendance). On top of this, all students benefit from sympathetic understanding and binding agreements suited to their individual needs to make studying compatible with family life.

For employees, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers particularly flexible working-time models, outstanding parental leave management, co-operation with child-care facilities, seminars and ongoing internal communication about compatibility of family and career. In addition, an appropriate infrastructure is in place at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences – e.g. with baby changing facilities, high chairs in the cafeterias, play areas, etc. – so that both staff and students with children can always feel welcome.

Compatibility of family and teaching, career or studies is completely consistent with the values of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences– social competence, avant-garde, performance and future. –These considerations contribute to the increased motivation and willingness to perform and therefore are an integral part of the overall success of our institution.

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Seal of Approval for Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

On 12 March, 2015, Managing Director Doris Walter officially accepted the "Seal of Approval for Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)" in ORF Salzburg’s regional studio. This seal of approval is the highest Austrian Award for exemplary and above all sustainable investment in employee health. The award has a two-and-a-half-year run up, in which Salzburg University of Applied Sciences with their "Fit4Future" project has initiated comprehensive and sustainable measures.

The seal of approval is an award by the "Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion" and supported by the Fund for a Healthy Austria. The criteria for granting workplace health promotion are based on those of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion. Companies and organisations make an application and the decision to grant the award is made by the members and partners of the Austrian Network as well as an international advisory board. The seal of approval lasts for three years and renewal applications can be made.


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