Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has been developed jointly by representatives of the teaching staff and the University of Applied Sciences Services.

The model manifests the basic direction of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences:

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences guarantees quality

In the four disciplines of engineering, business and social sciences, design, media & arts and health studies, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers students a sound university education with international quality standards, supported by the principles of science, professional skills, diversity and sustainability.*

Each single one of our employees ensures and develops the quality of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences with their high technical and social skills, personal commitment and willingness to support and shape change. The teachers and researchers are highly-qualified and reflective characters from science and from the field. The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences ensures the required knowledge quality, knowledge diversity and depth of knowledge in its application of teaching, research & development / art-based research as well as organisation; and also offers a health supporting framework and provides a current, high-quality infrastructure. This is based on the unique sponsorship of the Chambers of Labour and Commerce, as well as the commitment by the Province of Salzburg to the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.**

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences develops potential

The teaching and research staff are interdisciplinary impulse-providers in the development of business, science and social spheres. The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences supports lifelong learning in its employees, students and graduates. Self-paced, self-directed learning and reflective action is required and promoted as a principle of the academic didactic.

The aim of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is to build up capacity and arouse curiosity, enthusiasm, passion and understanding for the different disciplines and cultures.The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a learning organization, recognizing potential, strengthening strengths and promoting health.**

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences designs futures

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences competence centre is aware of the dynamics of the future and responds by producing a well-educated workforce for companies and institutions. The University generates new knowledge and takes its responsibility within economy and society very seriously. Its commitment to innovation is reflected in the study programmes, the research topics and the selection of and participation in networks. The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences enables its graduates to participate in the solution of problems within human society.

issued in Oct. 2012:
Roman Egger, Till Fuhrmeister, Sabine Leitner, Karin Mairitsch, Raimund Ribitsch, Christine Scharinger, Graziella Spitz, Doris Walter
*modified on Aug. 2012
** modified on 19 May 2015 by the FHS Gesundheitsausschuss


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