Curriculum Structure

Professional Competence:

This degree programme teaches the entire spectrum of economics and business management in particular. The methods of financial management, as well as well-founded accounting, mathematical and statistic knowledge, provide an insight into the complex scope of the all-encompassing entrepreneurial environment. Basic knowledge of the European and Austrian legal system and respective business law go toward rounding off the main focus.

Tools and Methods:

Visions, strategies and planning are the cornerstones of a long-term successful business policy. Therefore, knowledge on how to use management tools is just as much a part of the education as is project management business planning. Business informatics is also given a high level of importance in the study.

Social-Communicative Skills:

A high level of social skills is a prerequisite for an executive. The students are provided the necessary know-how in order to convince others with communication and management tools, presentations, moderation and team training, as well as conversation techniques.

News Business and Social Sciences

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