Studying Social Work in Salzburg

"Social work" (= social work / social pedagogics/ social management) is a worldwide discipline that deals with the theory and methodology of professional activation of individuals in vulnerable situations.

Extensive knowledge on the problems of people, theoretically grounded methodology in activating social work and management of social services make up the qualifications of the programme.

Legal and economic expertise is also very important. Experts in social work must often prove themselves in conflict-laden relationship work. Professional behavior in the tension field between empathy and demarcation requires not only knowledge and skill but also a dignified personal profile.

Facts Bachelor

Study mode:part-time
Degree awarded:Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA)
Duration:6 semesters
Study places per year:50
Attendance:2 nights a week as well as weekend blocks per semester (6 - 10 per semester) (Friday afternoon + evening + Saturday all day)
Self-study:Self-study is also about a third of the course in the form of accompanied and controlled self-study
Practical content:at least 375 hours
Language of instruction:German
Tuition:tuition fee € 363,- per semester +
approx. € 18.70 student union fee per semester
Requirements:exceptionally well-developed communication and social skills, interpersonal skills, empathy, flexibility, resilience, teamwork, conflict management skills, willingness to self-reflection, willingness to learn

The Bachelor in Social Work is aimed at professionals (including returners).

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