Prerequisites - Entrance Qualification (1-2)
Documents required (3)

(1) Qualification for university studies (high school diploma, Matura, Abitur, A-levels,...)

(2) Bachelor’s  degree in study program relevant to field of tourism /including coursework relevant to tourism & business

(3) Please click here for additional required documents for your online application

We ask international candidates to send application materials as mentioned above (1-3) in hard copy to:
Innovation & Management in Tourism
imte office team
Campus Urstein Süd 1
5412 Puch/Salzburg
Austria/ Europe

Important note: In case you have documents of your Secondary Education and your BA degree which are not in German language, we kindly ask you to see the following links:

General admission requirements

Legalisation and translation requirements

Only documents which are proved like this can be taken into consideration. Documents need to be uploaded with your online application (in this case NO LATE HAND IN is possible)
International certificates will initially be reviewed by our international admissions committee.

Please click here to see all Dates and Deadlines

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