Degree Programme

Multimedia software – designing and realising

MultiMediaTechnology (mmt) is a media information technology course of studies that is tailored to a new media world. Studying mmt means shaping the future of media. It means inventing the next generation of computer games, launching the next social communities platform after Facebook, developing new applications for mobile devices like handhelds or smartphones, and being part of determining how we will consume music, film, video formats in the future. It means immersion into virtual worlds, spanning new medial networks between people, and making everyday life easier with the help of multimedia contents.

MultiMediaTechnology offers scientific engineering training, which is set up in a very practice and project oriented manner. For six semesters everything will revolve around the development of innovative web applications, computer games, graphic simulations, 3D computer graphics, human-machine interfaces and interactive applications for infotainment and edutainment on stationary and mobile platforms.

Unique is the curricular interlacing of MultiMediaTechnology and MultiMediaArt in mediaCUBE. Programmers and designers work together on innovative projects with high technical and designing demands, and simulate professional practice during the course of study.

Facts Bachelor

Study mode:full-time
Degree awarded:Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
Length of study:6 semesters
Study places per year:36
Location:Campus Urstein
Language of instruction: German
Tuition:tuition fee € 363,- per semester +
approx. € 18.50 student union fee per semester
Semester abroad:possible during the 3rd semester
Projects:multimedia and interdisciplinary projects
starting from the 3rd semester
Work experience:subject relevant in the 5th semester
Recognition:in the case of specialised previous knowledge, direct entry to the 3rd semester is possible
Requirements:scientific understanding, ability to work in a team, creativity, dedication

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