ERASMUS and International Incoming Students

At the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences we offer three degree programmes focusing on design, media and art. As an international student you can choose from all three degree programmes. MultiMediaArt focuses on computeranimation, media design, film and audio.

Modules and courses offered in English

Graphic Design Project (7,5 ECTS)

Graphic Design Project is a hands on class teaching visual communication skills through a variety of , group activities exercises and lectures. It focuses on a project in the field of Corporate Design and integrates the competencies of a wide range of student skill sets. The unit will explore the basic principles of visual communication, theoretically (in the lectures) and practically (through a group project consisting of several small individual activities, leading towards a single major outcome). During the lectures, students will learn a range of techniques for graphic design, along with being shown recent examples of well implemented design strategies, in order to learn about processes and methods of operation. This unit is suitable for both beginner and advanced capabilities.

Photography in Context (7,5 ECTS)

Image and Text - beyond illustration: In the context of graphicdesign, images and text are usually reserved for representation and illustration. A text provides written information, images provide visual information. At best, these elements may be graphically manipulated to serve their illustrative purposes, but what happens when the context of an image is changed through the use of text? We will be exploring the many possibilities of combining image and text. The first half of the semester will be brain-storming,  collecting and talking about the aesthetics of text, language, symbolism and  their relationship specifically to photography. The second half of the semester will be dedicated to personal projects, form their conception to completion by the end of the semester.

Concept Development (4 ECTS, only wintersemester)

Concept development focuses on the use of creative techniques to solve real problems by the use of multimedia/crossmedia communication campaigns, installations and/or artworks. In the centre there is always a problem or mindset that has to be changed or a message, that has to be communicated. Using those creative techniques, partly coming from advertising as well as art, philosophy and design, communication strategies which reach the target audience are developed. The course consists of a lecture part, which shows diverse creative techniques and campaigns and a practical part/excercise, where students work in groups on real problems, creating actual communication strategies which will be presented in a professional way.

For additional courses please check our course list [pdf]. In our info guide we summarize the most important facts for erasmus students. 

After nomination from your home institution please apply online! Please read the requirements for the Application Portfolio.

As an accepted incoming student you can also choose among the Courses offered by the International Office.

For further information please contact the international coordinator Julia Schwarzacher or the International Office.

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