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Art challenges technology, technology inspires art. (John Lasseter)

MultiMedia Technology is a modern media information technology master programme with branches of study in Web Engineering and Game & Simulation Engineering. Our graduates go on to be specialists who are in demand in the creative industries and in the software industry. They produce innovative technical solutions based on the latest hardware and software technologies which include design and human-machine interaction, meaning they are making valuable contributions to the economy and society.

The occupational fields for graduates are varied:

•     'Software and games' (in particular the games industry, the digital entertainment industry, the infotainment, edutainment and entertainment sector, the visualisation and simulation sector, the web sector, and the general software industry)
•    'The advertising/communications sector' (in particular the art, culture and events sector, the digital campaigning sector, new media agencies, online editorial offices, mobile development, etc.)
•    Technical offices and research and technology organisations

The strengths of MultiMediaTechnology

Strong specialisation
Around 70% of the total hours are dedicated to courses from the specific branch of study (either Web Engineering or Game & Simulation Engineering). Plus, from the second semester onwards you can choose between specialising in the subjects Augmented & Virtual Reality, Augmented Intelligence and Lean Startup.

State-of-the-art technologies
Since this is a practical university of applied sciences degree programme, we stay up-to-date with all the latest developments. Anything newly launched onto the market is immediately incorporated into our tuition and research. We have access to the latest AR and VR technologies, use state-of-the-art development environments and provide you with the latest smartphones, tablets and consoles for your projects.

Innovative master project
You spend almost two years working on the development of a master project, receiving intensive coaching from experts in small groups. In the first semester, the focus is on developing innovative concepts. You use prototypes to consolidate your idea and go on to prove your specialist skills by implementing and presenting the final product.

Startup option
During the master project, we place great importance on commercial viability and encourage progression towards founding a company in courses and coaching sessions. Some of our past graduates have founded successful companies – you could follow in their footsteps!

Transfer opportunities

It's no problem if you don't yet have any experience in web or game development. You can attend certain subjects from the MultiMedia Technology bachelor programme and catch up on the basics in bridge modules. An IT-related course or relevant professional experience could be your starting point for studying. Transfer students are very welcome.

Technology and design in a team
Product development within the creative industries is all about teamwork. This is why students on the MultiMediaTechnology master programme prepare and develop their ideas together with designers from the MultiMediaArt degree programme. The result is web applications, apps, games, multimedia installations – and much more – which are impressive in terms of their concept, technology and design.
Interested? Curious? Our website for the master course provides further details on the specialisation options, the individual subjects and the lecturers on the master programme.

If you have any questions about the MultiMedia Technology master programme, don't hesitate to get in touch by email or by phone: +43 (0)50 2211 1250.

Facts Master

Programme type:Full time
Degree Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
Duration:4 semesters
Number of student places per year:20
Place of study:Campus Urstein
Programme language:German
Costs:Tuition fees (EUR 363.00 per semester) +
student union fee (approx. EUR 18.70 per semester)

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