Study 'Smart Building' in Salzburg

The ‘Smart Building’ degree programme (which covers the domains of energy-efficient building technology and sustainable building) course trains a new generation of engineers in the construction trade and ensures that they maintain a holistic outlook while tackling the issues related to futuristic and sustainable construction.

In addition to being work-spaces, housing spaces and living spaces that feature enhanced functionalities, the buildings of the future are also characterised by their efficient utilisation of energy and their optimal cost-structures. The extra-occupational bachelor’s programme trains professionals who consolidate theoretical and practical knowledge associated with the building and construction industry, the field of building technology and the newest technologies and building-related systems. Along with a holistic and systematic consideration of the smart building, the emphasis also falls squarely on the process of dealing with natural resources in a responsible manner that also takes economic interests into consideration. Along with the classical disciplines covered by the field of constructional engineering, the course also focuses on building technology, energy technology, information technology and specialisations in the field of smart buildings.

The extra-occupational nature of the course of study offers the students the opportunity to directly integrate the knowledge that they have acquired into their professional lives and implement the technical skills that they have acquired.

Abilities and educational objectives

As a graduate, you will have knowledge that is held by classical engineers and scientists. Furthermore, you will also possess specialised knowledge related to the fields of construction technology, building technology, energy technology and information technology. The socio-communicative and economic skills that you have acquired over the duration of the course of study make it possible for you to carry out project-oriented and team-oriented tasks, and implement and evaluate global projects relating to any of the fields in the energy and construction industries. You will play a decisive role in ensuring that natural resources are handled in a responsible manner that also takes economic interests into consideration. To place people and the environment at the centre of new and sustainable developments, and to promote the acceptance of positive social changes - as a representative of a new generation of experts in the energy and construction industries, these principles are integral components of your insight.

The degree programme is closely connected to and exchanges knowledge and information with the degree programmes in Forest Products Technology & Timber Construction, as well as the degree programme in Information Technology and Systems Management.


Facts Bachelor

Study mode:part-time
Degree:Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
Duration:6 semesters
Study places per year:   35
Location:Campus Kuchl
Language of instruction:German
Tuition:tuition fee € 363,- per semester + € 18.70 student union fee per semester

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