Degree Programme

Imagine the possibilities ...

Image and signal processing affect our daily lives in an ever-increasing way. Participate in designing this fascinating technology and shape IT‘s future function in business and society.

Today‘s networked image and signal generating devices provide a historically unmatched volume of raw data for automated decision making and control systems. The expectations are high: how can we design new tools and software in order to best distil useful information.

A lot of interesting research and development projects in the private and the public sectors are calling for your expertise. Alternatively, this degree will open career tracks in Universities and research centers.

Master Applied Image and Signal Processing


Study mode:full-time
Degree awarded:Master of Sciences in Engineering (MSc)
Length of study:4 semesters
Study places per year:20
Location:Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Campus Urstein) and University of Salzburg (Campus Techno-Z)
Language of instruction:English

tuition fee at least € 363,- per semester (up to double amount for NON-EU countries) +
approx. € 18.50 student union fee per semester

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