Degree Programme

Studying biomedical sciences in Salzburg

The Biomedical Sciences degree programme was developed from the Academy for the Medical Technical Laboratory Service of non-profit clinics in Salzburg. A change of jurisdiction in 2005 made it possible to conduct the training for biomedical analysts as a bachelor programme.

A lot of importance is given to understanding the complexity of the laboratory analysis process, and to the related process, quality management and technical knowledge.

During practice-oriented training, students learn the basics, the connections and the practical application of analytical methods and functional measurements in medical laboratories and laboratories of other related branches. The complexity of the laboratory analytical processes and the related process and quality management, technical knowledge as well as information and communication competence are all major components of this course. 

What is at the heart of the training concept is education based on good foundations and focused on practical experience. The training also takes place in various laboratories at the SALK – non-profit clinics in Salzburg. The goal is high practical competence in all graduates in order to ensure their contribution to optimal health care on the one hand, and participation in research and development on the other.

The training for biomedical analysts enables acquisition of skills for independent and autonomous execution of the biomedical analysis process as per Section 2 Paragraph 2 of the MTD-Gesetz (Federal law on the regulation of higher medical-technical services).

Facts Bachelor

Degree:Bachelor of Science in Healths Studies (BSc)
Duration:6 semesters
Study places per year:   15
Location:Campus Urstein, SALK
Language of instruction:German
Internship:approx. 975 hours alongside studies
Tuition:tuition fee € 363,- per semester +
approx. € 18.70 student union fee per semester

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