Degree Programme

Studying nursing in Salzburg

People in the nursing profession work in all fields related to health care. What is at the heart of the training concept is education based on good foundations and focused on practical experience. The training takes place in hospitals, establishments for long-term care, home care services and other health care facilities.

Graduates of this degree programme are qualified to practice as trained nurses. They also successfully complete well-founded scientific training at the university. The training will help them become sought-after employees in varied fields.

The degree programme also provides a strong foundation for further studies and practice in special care-related fields such as counselling, research, management and apprenticeship.

The course is based on

  • self-guided knowledge acquisition
  • innovative learning methods such as e-learning, database researches, literature studies, working on independent research projects as well as learning from practice
  • self-organisation of internship, with an option of selecting a place for the internship
  • the option of completing an internship in special fields such as research, publishing or health care policy
  • international experiences through exposure to literature in English, participation in European learning exchange programmes or internships in foreign countries
  • campus life with an international atmosphere
  • the offer to participate in conferences and interdisciplinary events

Facts Bachelor

Degree:Bachelor of Science in Healths Studies (BSc)
Duration:6 semesters
Study places per year:   40
Location:Campus Urstein, SALK
Language of instruction:German
Internship:approx. 2.300 hours alongside studies
Tuition:tuition fee € 363,- per semester +
approx. € 18.50 student union fee per semester

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