The Salutophysiology for Midwives postgraduate course aims at

  • promotion of primary health
  • specific application of the laws of physiology
  • activation of salutogenetic coping strategies
  • stimulation of inner resources
  • building of selective relations
  • creation of a healthy birth culture
  • further development of a research-based midwifery culture

“Verena Schmid, one of the lecturers in the course, is an expert in her field and imparts immense knowledge and procures tools for midwives. This renders our Masters students qualified for broadened perspectives and wider spheres of action that revolutionise midwifery”, promises programme head Margit Felber.

Resource-oriented midwifery

The postgraduate course Salutophysiology for Midwives imparts in-depth knowledge about the dynamics of physiological systems during pregnancy, child birth and puerperium on the basis of new theory models in midwifery.
At the beginning of the course, we make use of theories on physiological principles to give you a new and dynamic view of health, adaptation processes and complex interactions of a woman, a couple, a foetus or an infant and their environment. Physiological and social adaptation as well as the four pillars of health are examined separately for pregnancy, child birth and exogestation, and facilitate a new understanding of these phases of life.

Enhancing the health potential

You will learn to develop your own point of view based on salutogenetic criteria when assessing a particular situation. You will thus be able to decide on a specific midwifery-related and medical intervention, which is appropriate to the situation, thereby enhancing the chances of healthy pregnancy, child birth and postpartum.

As a Masters student, you can actively lead groups with the aim of identifying and strengthening the available resources, activating physiological systems, thus preventing any complications during pregnancy or at the time of birth and encouraging young couples.  

We particularly focus on sound academic research. Midwifery-related issues are handled using a specific quantitative and qualitative research methodology and are published in scientific presentations and publications.

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