Research & Development at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Research made by Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Research & Development (R&D) joins teaching as an important pillar of activity for Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and is characterised by real-world applicability and close links to business, industry and society.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has a research budget totalling approximately 3 million euros per year, a sum that is rising each year (as of 2013/2014). Approximately 30% of all third-party funding comes from companies, whilst the remaining two thirds comes from a variety of different public funding agencies.

During 2013/2014, the research skills of our researchers were showcased in 91 R&D projects and a number of research publications. The university also utilises cutting-edge technology and high-end laboratory equipment to create a modern, efficient research infrastructure.
All of these factors make Salzburg University of Applied Sciences an innovative research and co-operation partner for regional, national and – increasingly – international companies.

Research focus areas and research centres

Research focus areas

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences focuses its research on a number of different areas. This enables the university to concentrate on its strengths and compete effectively at a national and international level. Like its degree programmes, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences’ diverse research is clustered in four disciplines:

  • Engineering that conducts research in the following fields: Forest Products Technology & Biogenic Technology, Information Technology & Systems Management and Smart Building & Smart City.
  • Business and Social Sciences that conducts research in the following areas: Business Management and Tourism Research
  • Design, Media and Arts with DEIREISA Design Research Salzburg and research into MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology
  • Health Studies with R&D activities linked to the university’s degree programmes in Health Studies


Research centres

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences currently has two research centres. The Josef Ressel Centre for User-Centric Smart Grid Privacy, Security and Control (based in Engineering Studies) and the Centre for Future Studies (based in Business and Social Sciences) are two prominent centres conducting research in the fields of energy and futurology.


For any questions concerning Research & Development, please contact Research Coordinator Mag. Gisela Fuchs, BAKK.


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