FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

fold faq What is the difference between a university of applied sciences and a university?

Since the Bologna Declaration, colleges and universities are growing more similar; the degrees (bachelor, master) are equal. Nevertheless, there are clear differences between these two institutions:

The training at a university of applied sciences is very practical – opposed to the more theoretical and scientific approaches of universities. The teachers at university of applied sciences come mostly directly from the practical field and thus pass on their up to date and, above all, applicable expertise directly to students. Last but not least a mandatory work placement is an integral part of the curriculum. Nevertheless, the research aspect at a university of applied sciences is very important – especially in the master programme, students are strongly involved in this area.

At a university of applied sciences only a limited number of places are offered. Thus, a better quality of learning environment is offered, as in many mass studies at universities. Studying at a college does not mean just being an anonymous student number among many – teachers know the students personally. The university of applied sciences course takes place in a friendly atmosphere: The classes are held usually in small groups and your fellow students accompany you throughout the course of studies.

Another feature of an university of applied sciences course of studies is the fixed hours and examination schedule – which means for you that you must no longer organize yourselves. The advantage is that there are no overlapping classes and that the fixed minimum duration can be observed. Last but not least you are always guaranteed a place in the lectures, tutorials and laboratories! The fixed study period also is a result of the compulsory attendance (75%) which is prevalent in courses at a university of applied sciences.

Basically, the one or the other training institute is not necessarily the better or the worse variant. Rather, one should make the decision, "university of applied sciences or university" depending on your own personality as well as on your work and plans for the future.

fold faq What part-time courses are there and what does it entail to study part-time?

Part-time means to study, while pursuing a profession to the extent of at least 20 hours per week (proof required). The lectures usually focus on daytime or week off-peak times – for the exact times refer to the course in question.

fold faq How much are the tuition fees and are there scholarships?

Tuition fees are € 363,-- per semester + the mandatory student union fee (2015: € 18.70).

Applications for study grants should be submitted to the scholarship office responsible – the SUAS offers no scholarships!

fold faq Can I start in the summer semester?

In general, the course at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences always starts in the winter semester, so a start in the summer semester is usually not possible (special exceptions include starting at a higher semester due to an appropriate educational background).

fold faq Can I take a semester abroad?

Of course you can take a semester abroad as part of your studies – over 120 partner universities worldwide are available to choose from! Our team from the International Office is your competent partner for all questions concerning your stay abroad, happy to offer you the best possible support.

Last but not least there is also the opportunity to do an internship abroad – also there our International Office is happy to assist you.

fold faq What language classes are held?

The majority of courses at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg are held in German.

The courses Innovation & Management in Tourism (Bachelor and Master) and Applied Image & Signal Processing (Master) are available in English.

fold faq Are there recognition credits? Can one even be credited an entire semester?

Decisions on the recognition of already completed tests or prior knowledge or on beginning in a higher semester are made by the respective degree programme head.

fold faq How do I apply to the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg?

Applications are only accepted online on our website – here it is important to note the entry requirements and application deadlines!

As part of the online application, personal data must be entered as well as various documents uploaded (e.g. proof of graduation, copy of passport, CV...).

Online application

fold faq What entry requirements need to be provided?

For the bachelor programme the general university requirements are necessary: See "General Admission Requirements"

For a master programme other criteria apply. More information can be found on the website of the respective master programme and here.

fold faq Can I apply for two courses at the same time?

In principle it is possible to submit a secondary application along with a main one (both are scored equally, the prioritization is used exclusively for administrative purposes).

The different admission requirements of the respective course of study must be observed! It makes sense, however, to have clearly decided in advance about what you want to study.

fold faq What should I do if I am prevented from attending the assessment test?

As part of the online application (usually) different dates can be selected (registration is binding).

Please select a suitable date and keep it free!

Should you be prevented anyway, please contact the respective degree programme administration.


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