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Information for Ukrainian students who would like to study at FH Salzburg

FH Salzburg will enable displaced Ukrainians to continue or begin their studies!

On this page you will find information for displaced persons with Ukrainian citizenship who are registered as displaced persons in Austria and who wish to study at FH Salzburg starting in the winter semester 2022/23.

Study programmes

Find out about the study programmes offered at the FH Salzburg. You will find study profiles in German and English.

Most degree programmes are offered in German - a language level of at least B2 is required for this. (More details under Required language skills). FH Salzburg also offers studies in English.

Find your Programme

In the study finder you will find an overview of our Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes as well as our continuing education programmes.


Hand mit schwebender Weltkugel und IT-Symbolen

Technology meets Innovation

Without them, our everyday life would be almost unthinkable: complex IT systems and information technologies shape the world of today. Understanding and developing these systems means actively shaping the future. This requires not only profound technical knowledge but also creativity and innovation. Our Bachelor's degree in Information Technology & System Management at FH Salzburg combines both.

    Hand mit schwebender vernetzter Welt und IT-Symbolen

    IT specialists

    Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, network security – these are all keywords that shape our modern world. We bring these words into the real world through our Master's degree in Information Technology & Systems Management at FH Salzburg. Deepen your knowledge in the fields of technology, management, and business, and become an expert in this future-oriented profession. Our practical, market-oriented degree will equip you for the challenges of the modern labour market and for leading positions in development and management.

    We build bridges between IT and business

    Increasing digitalisation poses new challenges for companies. Our Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics & Digital Transformation enables you to tackle these kinds of complex problems with innovative approaches. As experts in the areas of IT and business administration, you combine expertise from two worlds. Convince people as an IT specialist and learn how to combine technical and economic know-how in the development of professional IT products and services!

    Frau zeigt auf transparenten Screen mit Netzwerk-Darstellung

    Designing Digital Transformation

    With the slogan "Designing Digital Transformation", the master's programme Business Informatics enables graduates to design operational processes in the area of conflict between ICT-driven dynamics and the adaptability of companies. As IT experts with a high level of business competence, you will be able to apply digital technologies in line with requirements and to quickly evaluate increasing data floods to increase the business benefit.

    Studierende sitzen im Hörsaal

    The corporate world of tomorrow

    Want to know the formula for entrepreneurial success? Profound business knowledge plus modern know-how in management results in sought-after specialists and managers. Do you also want to successfully shape companies in the future and address operational problems in a structured and solution-oriented manner? With our Bachelor's degree in Business Management, FH Salzburg offers the optimal basis for a career in business and management.

    Manage Change & Risk

    What trends characterise tomorrow's management? We believe it is the ability to deal with internationalisation, more competition, and short product and innovation cycles. In order to meet these developments, our Master's degree in Business Management is based on the topics “Change & risk”. Take advantage of our training that covers specific topics, all of which come under the traditional business administration umbrella.

    Expertise, innovation, tradition

    Where tradition and innovation meet, small- and medium-sized enterprises face special challenges. In our Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship degree, you will learn how to develop suitable solutions for this specific target group. Our practice-oriented management training provides you with a broad knowledge of the successful foundation and succession of a company. This also equips you for management positions in SMEs, among others.

    Creating interactive worlds

    Sophisticated web applications, mobile apps, and innovative games: in our Bachelor's in Multimedia Technology programme, you will shape the digital future. As a prospective expert in media informatics and software development, you will learn how to combine technology and creativity. This will enable you to develop ground-breaking applications for the world of tomorrow. Our Bachelor's degree at FH Salzburg is the ideal springboard into the world of digital media and the communications industry!

    Junge Frau mit VR-Brille und Handbewegung

    Cutting-edge media informatics

    In our Master's degree in MultimediaTechnology, you get the chance to sharpen your skills in the field of media informatics and become a highly specialised expert in innovative technologies. Whether in augmented reality, mobile apps, or ground-breaking internet technologies, our Master's degree will transform you into experts ready for the creativity and software industries of tomorrow.

      Understanding and shaping human-centered technology

      Whether it’s smart homes, industry 4.0 or autonomous vehicles – many of today’s most cutting-edge developments are based on interactions between humans and computers. In the international joint master programme “Human-Computer Interaction”, you learn how to shape the way people interact with digital applications, products and services. Understand the relationship between people and interactive systems and become an expert in one of today’s most dynamic and significant fields of innovation.

      Putting people first

      Our health care system is becoming increasingly more complex – and therefore, so are the challenges associated with it. Learn how to professionally work in this challenging environment with patients who have different physical and mental conditions. In our Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you gain the necessary technical and social competence to enrich the health sector as a nursing expert.

      Required language skills

      For all German-language study programmes, you need proof of German language skills at a level of at least B2 and, if applicable, proof of English language skills.

      For English-language study programmes, you need proof of English language skills at level B2.

      Detailed information on language skills can be found on the page of the respective degree programme under the item Admission & Application.

      You can apply even if you do not yet have the language certificate. The language skills can be presented until 31.10.2022. An extension of this deadline is possible after consultation with the respective degree programme.

      German courses free of charge

      • FH SALZBURG:
        You have the opportunity to attend free German courses (A1 to B2) at the FH Salzburg during the summer of 2022.
        If you have been assured a place at university, you will be assigned to a language course at the FH Salzburg after a placement test.
      • ÖIF
        Further opportunity for free German courses as well as online language portal and learning materials:
        (Information available in German or Ukrainian)

      It is also possible to start the programme as a non-degree seeking student (15 ECTS per semester). German language skills are not mandatory if English language courses are attended.

      Required documents

      Required documents for the application are 

      • Identity card or passport
      • Proof of general university entrance qualification / university degree
        professional qualification

      Proof of general university entrance qualification / university degree must be submitted with a translation into German/English by a sworn translator. An apostille is not mandatory!
      If you are unable to provide the required documents to prove your general university entrance qualification / degree, please contact Further possibilities will be discussed.

      All other required documents and deadlines can be found on the page of the respective degree programme under the point Admission & Application.

      You can apply even if not all documents are available yet.

      You can also start the programme as a non-degree seeking student (15 ECTS per semester).

      Further information for international applicants

      Application & Admission

      In order to be able to start a study programme at FH Salzburg, an application and admission procedure must be completed.

      Online Application

      Applications to our university have to be submitted digitally:

      When applying, you must also submit proof of language skills and other required documents, among other things.

      An application is also possible if the admission requirements are not yet fulfilled at the time of application, e.g. language skills.

      All other required documents and deadlines can be found on the page of the respective degree programme under the point Admission & Application.

      For non-EU/EEA citizens, an application deadline of 31.03. would be usual, but an exception is made here of course. An application is possible at least as long as the application platform is open.

      Fulfilment of the access requirements

      On the basis of your information and the uploaded documents, it will be checked whether the access requirement is fulfilled.

      You will find the general admission requirements under the item required language skills and required documents as well as under:

      Admission process

      If you meet the entry requirements, you will take part in the admission procedure.

      There is a specific admission procedure for each degree programme. The aim is to find out whether you have the necessary aptitude(s) for the respective degree programme of your choice in order to be able to complete it positively.

      Information on the specific admission procedure can be found on the page of the respective degree programme under the point Admission & Application.

      The decision on admission will be made as soon as possible.

      Tuition fee

      Ukrainian students who are admitted to study at the FH Salzburg are temporarily exempt from the tuition fee (EUR 363,- per semester). The Rectorate of FH Salzburg will pay this fee.

      The ÖH fee of EUR 20.70 is to be paid provisionally. (As a member of the ÖH, you are covered by accident and liability insurance through the ÖH).

      Financial support

      • Bundes ÖH
        Emergency financial aid from the ÖH for students from Ukraine and Russia & further information from the Austrian Student Union
      • Ernst Mach Scholarschip
        The special scholarship programme Ernst Mach – Ukraine helps Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Austria. The scholarship is open to Ukrainian students who are already enrolled in a regular study programme at an Austrian higher education institution as well as students, scientists and researchers from Ukraine who wish to continue their studies or projects here.
      • SC Johnson Fonds

        Students of FH Salzburg who are in a difficult social or financial situation have the possibility to apply for financial support. In order to apply, other possibilities of self-financing (income from work, assets, scholarship, etc.) must have been exhausted or applied for, the student must be in a particularly difficult situation (e.g. illness, loss of income, etc.) and a positive study result must be available. You can find more information here in the information sheet (Informationsblatt).

      Tips & contact points

      • BMBWF
        The most important questions and answers on the topic of "Studying in Austria
      • MIGRARE
        Contact point for people with qualifications acquired abroad
      • OeAD - Agency for Education and Internationalisation / studyinaustria OeAD
        Information for students and researchers/artists from Ukraine as well as for Austrian higher education institutions
      • BMI

        Current entry and residence conditions
        Hotline of Bundesagentur für Betreuungs- und Unterstützungsleistungen GmbH (BBU):
        +43 1 2676 870 9460 (Ukrainian speaking staff available)

      • Land Salzburg
        Help for Ukrainians in Salzburg

      • Ukraine-Hotline of Österreichischen Integrationsfonds (ÖIF)
        Counselling and information on entry and residence in Austria as well as support and assistance services for living, living and working in Austria.
        Free language courses

      • Goethe Institut
        Ukrainians can book German courses on the website of the Goethe-Institut Ukraine at levels A1 and A2 for the special price of 7 UAH or 0.25 €. (Attention: limited number of places available)