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You  already know exactly what you want to study? Or are you stil looking for your dream study programme? Whatever your answer is, here you'll find all our Bachelor's and Master's programmes taught in English language of instruction. Just click through and find out about your future in the presentations and chats, lectures and other programmes points via MS Teams!

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For many, internationalisation is an important aspect of their studies. Therefore, the International Office of the FH Salzburg will give you important information about semesters abroad, internships abroad and internationalisation at home in its three Coffee Breaks.

  • 9.45 am Coffee Break: World here we come - Go study abroad
  • 12.00 pm Coffee Break: Broaden your horizon - Go study abroad
  • 12.45 pm Coffee Break: Internatiional Campus @ FH Salzburg

English Study Programmes


Whether it’s smartphones, imaging devices or autonomously driving cars, all of them are powered by algorithms and signal processing concepts. That’s why image and signal processing is playing an increasingly important role in the information age, offering creative possibilities to solve the challenges of Big Data. The joint master programme of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Paris Lodron University of Salzburg provides you with the professional tools to shape the future of IT, business and society.

Language of instruction: English

  • 13.30 pm Master presentation "Applied Image and Signal Processing"
  • 10.30 am till 12.00 pm Live Chat
  • 14.15 pm till 15.45 pm Live Chat

Business and Social Sciences

Mädchen bzw. junge Frau schaut auf die in der Hand haltende Weltkugel

The tourism industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing economic sector. It takes future tourism professionals with expertise and visions to shape and manage this highly dynamic and exciting field. A degree programme at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences equips you with the skills to cater to the specific demands of this rapidly growing industry. 

Language of instruction: English

  • 13.30 pm Bachelor Presentation
  • 14.15 pm Coffee Break: International Students in Salzburg 
  • 15.00 pm Coffee Break Global Opportunities

Tourism is increasingly about how travellers experience places. To react to this changing nature of tourism, the master programme “Innovation & Management in Tourism” equips you with the skills you need to become a highly qualified manager in the international tourism sector. Learn how to identify new trends, meet new traveller demands and become an active contributor to tomorrow’s tourism trade.

Language of instruction: English

  • 12.45 pm Master Presentation
  • 14.15 pm Coffee Break: International Students in Salzburg 
  • 15.00 pm Coffee Break Global Opportunities

Design, Media & Arts

Whether it’s smart homes, industry 4.0 or autonomous vehicles – many of today’s most cutting-edge developments are based on interactions between humans and computers. In the international joint master programme “Human-Computer Interaction”, you learn how to shape the way people interact with digital applications, products and services. Understand the relationship between people and interactive systems and become an expert in one of today’s most dynamic and significant fields of innovation.

Language of instruction: English

  • 15.00 pm Master presentation
  • 14.15 pm till 15.00 pm Live Chat FAQ Admission & Application