Certificate Verification

Verify diplomas, diploma supplements and certificates issued by FH Salzburg

For verification, upload the PDF document by dropping it into the frame below or by clicking on “Chose a file…”. If you are in possession of an original and authentic document issued by FH Salzburg, you will be shown a positive verification result.

A negative verification result may indicate a corrupted or manipulated file. Please be aware that a document may be identified as invalid if it has been resaved, extracted from another document or compiled into a new file.

sproof is a FH Salzburg spin-off company

sproof allows you to issue unforgeable digital documents. Paper documents are easy to manipulate and are often digitized via photographs or scans. By doing so, all important features are rendered void. sproof provides a new kind of decentralized digital signature to make certificates genuine and unforgeable.

We value your privacy. Your personal data is not stored or processed by sproof. In order to verify a document, you must be in possession of the original file.