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Hospitality Management

You will learn the basic principles of hotel and restaurant management. You will learn how to create innovative hospitality concepts and how to implement these concepts while taking into account the requirements and challenges involved in modern service management. You will have no difficulties  eveloping and coming up with innovative ideas for new and existing products. You understand the tasks of the individual departments within an organisation and are able to use controlling tools and methods in a process-oriented manner. This includes identifying the problems facing a tourism organisation and analysing and evaluating these problems and recommending courses of action with regard to business management aspects. Course focus areas include:

  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Guest-related services
  • Yield management in lodging
  • Hotel project development
  • Pricing in the hotel and restaurant industry
  • Quality management
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Destination Management

Destination management involves the management of destinations, in other words undertaking the planning and marketing of destinations, representing the interests of these destinations and creating offers for the destinations. You will learn how to recognise trends and potential at an early stage and how to develop new innovative destination concepts and prospects for the future.You will become familiar with the requirements and the managerial tasks of the various service providers. Taking advantage of supervision and controlling tools, you will learn how to evaluate and analyse results and financial figures and define new objectives. You will be able to contribute to the development of new and existing products and holistic destination strategies and will develop a greater understanding of the distinctive features of different service providers. The content covered in this course includes:

  • Destination marketing
  • Image profiling and corporate identity
  • Target group identification
  • Branding for destinations
  • Combining and linking tourism offers
  • Regional tourism marketing