Erasmus and Incoming Students

Welcome to the overview of courses that the Human-Computer Interaction programme offers for incoming exchange students.

The Human-Computer Interaction programme is a joint master programme organized by FH Salzburg and the Salzburg University. As an international student at the FH Salzburg you can choose courses from the curriculum of the Human-Computer Interaction programme that are organised and held only by the FH Salzburg! See the course list below.

(HCI courses organised and held by the University of Salzburg as well as jointly organised and held HCI courses are not eligible.) In general, participation in all courses depends on the available free places as well as the available technical equipment.

Incoming Student Courses

Semester: 1 | Course code: HCIM1APSIL | Type: IL | SWS: 4 | ECTS-Credits: 6
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate prototyping skills in HCI challenges by implement-ing user interface prototypes with different levels of fidelity.

Semester: 1 | Course code: HCIM1DTDIL | Type: IL | SWS: 2 | ECTS-Credits: 3
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to apply design thinking to small predefined HCI challenges and conceptualize possible solutions with the aim to foster digital innovation.

Semester: 1 | Course code: HCIM1DIAVO | Type: VO | SWS: 1 | ECTS-Credits: 1,5
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to manage the heterogeneity of today's users through engaging with various overlapping attributes of an individua's identity, (digital) ethics, gender aspects, and societal aspects of HCI. They are able to collaborate with people from different cultures and understand user needs (empathy).

Semester: 1 | Course code: HCIM1SLAVO | Type: VO | SWS: 2 | ECTS-Credits: 3
Learning Outcomes: Students are able to recall and discuss societal and legal aspects in HCI such as intel-lectual property rights, protection of data privacy (e.g., GDPR), and technology impact assessment. Students are able to differentiate problem areas which can arise from cur-rent technical developments in the professional field of HCI and can argument their own reflected viewpoint.

Semester: 3 | Course code: HCIM3CISIL | Type: IL | SWS: 2 | ECTS-Credits: 3
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify and examine challenges in industrial settings accompa-nying development processes of complex interactive systems or services and their integration.

Semester: 3 | Course code: HCIM3UEPIL | Type: IL | SWS: 2 | ECTS-Credits: 3
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to apply organizational, methodological, technological and design principles to economically improve the user experience addressing given real-world industrial problems.

Further you can choose modules out of 3 degree programmes focusing on design, media and art: MultiMediaTechnology (MMT), MultiMediaArt (MMA) and Design and Product Management (DPM)

For further information on academic issues, courses, course selection and provisional learning agreements, please contact the international coordinator of the Human-Computer Interaction programme, Hilmar Linder (see contact details below).

For administrative issues, please contact the International Office.
As an accepted incoming student you can also choose among the courses offered by the International Office.

International Coordinator

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