Applied Image and Signal Processing

PLUSImage Processing and Imaging22VO
PLUSImage Processing and Imaging12PS
PLUSImaging Beyond Consumer Cameras22VO
PLUSImaging Beyond Consumer Cameras12PS
SUASMathematics & Modelling45IL
SUASDigital Signal Processing 135IL
SUASData Science35IL
SUASAnalytics & Knowledge Discovery23IL
PLUSNatural Computation22VO
PLUSNatural Computation12PS

PLUSFourier Analysis, Filter Banks & Wavelets34VO
PLUSFourier Analysis, Filter Banks & Wavelets23PS
SUASApplied Statistics34IL
SUASDigital Signal Processing 235IL
SUASMachine Learning35IL
PLUSAudio Processing23VO
PLUSAudio Processing12PS
PLUSMedia Data Formats22VO
PLUSMedia Data Formats12PS

PLUSComputer Vision23VO
PLUSComputer Vision12PS
PLUSGeometric Modelling23VO
PLUSGeometric Modelling12PS
PLUSMaster Seminar 123SE
SUASAgile Project Management23IL
 Ethics & Sustainability11IL
 Elective 135 
 Elective 235 
 Free Elective 123 

SUASMaster Seminar 212SE
SUASMaster Thesis023IT
SUASMaster Exam02DP
 Free Elective 223 

Elective 1: Natural Language Processing
SUASNatural Language Processing23IL
SUASApplied Natural Language Processing12IL
Elective 1: Reinforcement Learning
SUASReinforcement Learning23IL
SUASApplied Reinforcement Learning12IL
Elective 2: Medical Imaging
PLUSMedical Imaging23VO
PLUSMedical Imaging12PS
Elective 2: Biometric Systems
PLUSBiometric Systems23VO
PLUSBiometric Systems12PS
Elective 2: Media Security
PLUSMedia Security23VO
PLUSMedia Security12PS
Elective 2: Computational Geometry
PLUSComputational Geometry23VO
PLUSComputational Geometry12PS
Elective 2: Advanced Machine Learning
PLUSAdvanced Machine Learning23VO
PLUSAdvanced Machine Learning12PS
SUASCourses will take place at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences
PLUSCourses will take place at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
SemesterSemesters 1, 3, 5: courses held only in winter semester (mid-September to end of January), Semesters 2, 4, 6: courses held only in summer semester (mid-February to end of June)
SWSweekly contact hours over 14 weeks in semester (example SWS 2 equals 28 contact hours for the whole course
ECTS CreditsWork load in ECTS credits, 1 ECTS credit equals an estimated 25 hours of work for the student
TypeBP = Bachelor final exam
DP/MP = Master final exam
IL = Lecture with integrated project work
IT = Individual training/phases
LB = Lab (session)
PS = Pro-seminar
PT = Project
RC = Course with integrated reflective practice
RE = Revision course
SE = Seminar
TU = Tutorial
UB = Practice session/Subject practical sessions
VO = Lecture