Degree programme

The effective utilization of materials and energy resources is becoming an increasingly important challenge for the economy and society. One way companies can react to this situation is to develop new materials and products from available and sustainable natural resources. Improvements in profitability and efficiency (cost effectiveness) as well as the modernization of existing methods and technologies is and will be crucial for leading companies.

Because wood is a regenerative resource and because its lifecycle plays an important role in the quality of life (e.g. the cleaning and filtering of air and water), the multi-functional properties of this natural resource provide enormous potential in its application and use.

The master's programme Forest Products Technology & Management targets these challenges directly. Experts will be equipped with skills in this field to help lead businesses. Postgraduates will have the possibility to deepen their knowledge either in the area of production or in the development of ecological products and methods. Social and communicative skills for experts and management will be strengthened throughout the entire programme.

The master's programme offers the foundation for work in a scientific environment. Further qualifications such as a PhD are possible at partner universities.

Curriculum Structure

The master programme offers new, innovative and specific competences that unify a professional education with scientific contents. The course of the studies covers aspects of project orientation, team and leadership assignments, as well as interdisciplinary and scientific work. The complexity of products increases in the course of the programme. Interdisciplinary projects with degree programmes in Information Technology & System Management and Design & Product Management will also be offered.

In the fourth semester, a written master's thesis is to be completed. Topics for the thesis are derived from current research and development topics or projects with companies.