The Information Technology & Systems Management master's programme offers postgraduate education that is both grounded in the latest theory in the field as well as closely linked to industry demands.

The curriculum uniquely combines general and specialized IT knowledge and skills with entrepreneurial, management and communication competences. You can tailor your study in accordance with your individual career and research interest by choosing 1 major and 1 minor.

The following specialisation areas are possible, each linked and integrated into one of the programme's research focuses:

  • Signal Processing & Robotics
  • Adaptive Software Systems
  • e-Health
  • Computer Networks & IT Security
  • Energy Informatics

Curriculum Structure

IT Master with Management Competence

The master's programme provides a broad understanding of current and evolving technologies and developments in the IT field as well as deep technical and theoretical knowledge in a specialization area. Skills training in management and communication round off the core technical subjects. In year 1 you can choose two specialization areas in accordance with your interests. In year 2 you concentrate on one of these two areas, in which you gain thorough insight and do research for your master thesis

Semesters 1 / 2

IT-specific General Competences (22 ECTS Credits)
- Mathematics & Modelling
- Software Technologies
- Information Technologies

Individual Specilisations - 2 to choose (16 ECTS Credits)

Research & Development Project (8 ECTS Credits)

Management & Communication Competences (14 ECTS Credits)
- IT Management & IT Security
- IT Project- & Quality-Management
- Communication Skills

Semester 3

IT-specific General Competences (9 ECTS Credits)
- Knowledge Discovery
- System-Modelling & Optimisation

Main Specilisation - 1 to choose (6 ECTS Credits)
You have to choose 1 of the specializations you attended in the 1. and 2. semester

Master Seminar (6 ECTS Credits)

Management & Communication Competences (9 ECTS Credits)
- Business Leadership & Ethics
- Innovation Management
- Communication Skills

Semester 4

Master Thesis (22 ECTS Credits)
Your Master Thesis is linked to one of our research areas

Management & Communication Competences (8 ECTS Credits)
- Sales & Marketing Strategies
- Self-Management
- International Economics