In the first two semesters you choose two main areas of study in which you will deepen your knowledge. In the third semester, you choose a main specialisation in which you will also write your Master's thesis. You can choose from the following five specialisations:

Adaptive Software Systems

You research the next generation of web and software engineering:
- Software Technologies & Architectures
- Web & Cloud Computing
- Adaptive Software Solutions
- Distributed Computing

Computer Networks & IT Security

You discover the next generation of Internet and mobile technologies:
- Convergent Networks
- Mobile Ad-hoc Communication
- Network Security
- Network Management

Energy Informatics

You discover the next generation of Smart Grids:
- Smart Grids
- Energy Management
- Security and Reliabilty of energy networks
- Numerical simulation

Signal Processing & Robotics

You develop intelligent technology for special applications
- Digital Signal Processing
- Industrial Image Processing
- Simulation-supported Design and Development
- Intelligent Robot Applications

The Information Technology and Systems Management master's programme offers concentration on one of the following specialisations, which are closely linked to our research areas: