Spring/Summer: Module 2

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Focus Module: International Finance Management (20 ECTS)

The Focus Studies module “International Finance Management” enables students to gain profound insights into various aspects of the international world of finance. Making use of a range of different teaching and learning methods, the courses cover the fundamental principles and advanced concepts of corporate finance and management accounting as well as the global dimension of international financial markets and encourage students to critically reflect and challenge assumptions when it comes to risk assessment or investment decisions, thus preparing students for future careers in the international finance world.

Students are considered eligible if they meet the following enrolment prerequisites:

  • Fundamentals in Business Management;
  • At least one module in Finance Management, or equivalent.

For more detailed information on the Focus Studies module International Finance Management please contact the International Departmental Coordinator at bwi-international@fh-salzburg.ac.at.

Courses spring/summer semester

We strongly recommend exchange students attend the courses “Cross Cultural Management” and “Practice Project” offered as part of the Extension Studies Module to complement this module.

Please note that all information on this website and the availability of any course may be subject to change. The course information can change for example in terms of learning goals, weightings of the course components, assignments, testing methods, and required study material. Check the most updated course details with the lecturer at the start of the semester.

A minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 participants are required for the Focus Studies modules.