Erasmus and Incoming Students

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Incoming Exchange Students: Business Management Master Degree Program

English Study Program for Exchange Students

Here you can find an overview of courses that the Business Management Program offers in English for incoming exchange students in the fall semester for Master students (2nd cycle).

Please note: The final course schedules are available right before the semester starts. You will be registered for all courses listed in the signed learning agreement you submitted with you original application (no additional registration is necessary). Learning Agreements can then be finalized at the "Learning agreement session" during your orientation week at SUAS.

1st cycle courses are eligible for 2nd cycle students if their home universities confirm this.

For further information on academic issues and provisional learning agreements, please contact the international coordinator of the Business Management Program (

For administrative issues please contact the Incoming Students Coordinator at the International Office (

List of classes:

Course Code: BWIM3UKRIL
Study Year: 2

Course Code: BWIB5CRGIL
Study Year: 3 (1st cycle)

Course Code: BWIB5RESIL
Study Year: 3 (1st cycle)

Course Code: BWB2CCMGIL
Study Year: 3 (1st cycle)

Course Code: BWIM3ABEIL
Study Year: 2

Course Code: BWIM2IKMIL
Study Year: 1

Course Code: BWIM2BBHIL
ECTS: 2.5
Study Year: 1

Course Code: BWIM2FFBIL
ECTS: 3.5
Study Year: 1

Course Code: BWIM2ABEIL
ECTS: 1.5
Study Year: 1

Course Code: BWIB4AMMIL
Study Year: 2 (1st cycle)

*Bachelor course, open for Master students.

Additional cultural and language courses are offered by the International Office.

Please note that all information on this website and the availability of any course may be subject to change. The course information can change for example in terms of learning goals, weightings of the course components, assignments, testing methods, and required study material. Check the most updated course details with the lecturer at the start of the semester.

International Departmental Coordinator

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Corinna Kulas
  • International Departmental Coordinator, SME-Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Junior Lecturer, Business Management
  • International Departmental Coordinator, Business Management
Standort: Campus Urstein
Raum: Urstein - 232
T: +43-50-2211-1134