Study Tourism in Salzburg

Tourism demands professionalism

Tourism is an ever expanding branch of the economy, which offers great career opportunities and will continue to do so in the future. Along with the increasing challenges and the dynamism of the industry the demand for professionalism in management is growing, too.

Innovation and Management in Tourism is a university study programme for future tourism experts who will be engaged in the fields of hotel & destination management, gastronomy, event management, leisure & holiday as well as conference and tourism organisations.

Developing tourism products and professionality implementing their realisation

Tourism is an ever-expanding branch of the economy which offers great career opportunities and will continue to do so in the future. Along with the increasing challenges and the dynamism of the industry, the demand for professionalism in this field is growing rapidly. Through the unique combination of work and studies, students have the opportunity to apply newly gained knowledge directly to the working world.

Graduates from this programme

  • Graduates recognise trends and develop alternative products for all the links in the chain of  tourism services.
  • They go in for professional e-marketing and understand how to use the opportunities provided by the new media as well as the numerous marketing tracks it affords.
  • They understand the economic and legal framework in which to operate and are in a position to manage companies successfully in the economic sense.
  • They are managers who are aware of their responsibility towards their staff and can act in team oriented fashion.
  • They have several languages at their disposal and know how to hold their own in an intercultural environment.
  • They have already worked on projects in the course of their studies and are equipped to take on complex tasks.
  • They are familiar with knowledge management, can constantly appropriate new knowledge and are able to keep abreast of the very latest developments.


Academic Calendar

  • Autumn block: October through mid February
  • Spring block: End of February through End of May
  • Instruction: Monday through Thursday 08.15 - 18.00
  • Employment throughout program during breaks: 40 weeks in total *
  • Study abroad: optional in your 5th semester*

The interjacent months should be used for employment within the field of tourism so that skills which have been acquired in the university environment can immediately be applied to professional operations. 40 weeks of employment (*) in a tourism-related field during the course of studies are mandatory.

* 35 weeks in case you enter the 3rd semester or you do a semester abroad

Facts Bachelor

Study mode:part-time
Length of study:6 semesters
Degree awarded:Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)
Study places per year:35 (Saisonmodell)
Location:Urstein Campu
Language of instruction:English
Tuition:tuition fee (€ 363,- per semester) +
 € 18.70 student union fee per semester

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