Livable Alpine Region

The aim of the project is to develop a solution for sustainable tourism in the German-Austrian Alpine region that is based on participatory processes. In order to develop tourism sustainably in a joint discursive process, the regional population, the tourism and leisure industry and regional politics are involved. This is to be based on the tourism strategies of the participating countries and the entire region. In cross-border cooperation between science and technology with project regions in Upper Austria. (Salzkammergut with the Cultural Capital 2024), Upper Bavaria (Chiemgau) and Salzburg (Fuschlsee and beyond), an innovation network is to be created. The aim is to contribute to sustainable development in rural areas in the sense of a Europe that is closer to its citizens.

The participating project regions are characterized by the fact that they have a similar initial situation, with e.g. high, seasonal tourist intensity at peak times, which is to be homogenized by a broadening of the offer. As an implementation-oriented project with scientific support, e.g. surveys and workshops are used as an instrument for participation and active citizen involvement. Furthermore, experts will be involved in congresses and a digital implementation for the support of cultural (touristic) offers will be realized. Existing digital tools will be adapted or extended and content, including "snackable content elements" will be included (TourData, excursion ticker, mobility and occupancy data, etc.) and supplemented with applications from the areas of digital twin, augmented and virtual reality. Challenges: Aligning tourism peaks with the needs of the regional population in order to sustainably develop the regions.

Overall objective of the project and expected changes: Increase acceptance through sustainable, inclusive development of tourism by expanding the range of services.