Official signature

1. Official signature

Publication of the figurative signature (official signature (according to § 19 Abs 3 E-GovG)

The University of Applied Sciences Salzburg GmbH may use the following figurative signature for documents that are officially signed electronically:

According to § 19 para 2 E-GovG, the official signature serves to facilitate the recognition of the origin of a document from an authority.

An electronic document printed on paper with an official signature has the probative force of a public document according to § 20 E-GovG.

The documents officially produced electronically by the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg GmbH have the official signature according to the following example:

2. Advanced electronic signature

For other documents signed electronically, the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg GmbH may use the advanced electronic signature, this is done with the following picture signature:

Documents signed electronically by the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg GmbH with an advanced signature correspond to the following example:

3. Verification of documents

Verification within the meaning of section 20 of the E-GovG is to be understood as the confirmation that the document submitted actually originates from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

The document to be verified must be available in its entirety (all pages), whereby a scan or a copy is sufficient.

In principle, various transmission methods are possible for the document to be examined:

  • By e-mail with scan as attachment to
  • By post to Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH, Rektorat, Urstein Süd 1, 5412 Puch bei Hallein with the note "Signaturprüfung".
  • In person
  • By telephone (according to convenience). Verification of a document can also be carried out by telephone if the entire content of the document can be communicated by telephone. 
  • The entire document is verified, including whether its content has been changed.

After the check, the following responses are possible:

a) If the result of the check is positive, you will be informed of this with the text "The document you have submitted originates from the FH Salzburg and its content is unchanged".

b) In case of a negative verification, you will be informed with the text "The document you submitted could not be verified by the FH Salzburg".

4. Data protection information

The data of the requesting persons and institutions will be processed insofar as this is necessary to carry out the verification. After completion, this data will be deleted. Notwithstanding this, we reserve the right to report forged documents. Further information on data protection can be found at