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Media owner and publisher:

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences GmbH
Urstein Süd 1
A-5412 Puch/Salzburg

T +43 50-2211-0
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UID: ATU 44554503
Company registration number: FN 166054y
Commercial register court: Salzburg regional court

Management: Mag. Dr. Doris Walter, Mag. Raimund Ribitsch

Responsible for the content of the website: The management of the FH Salzburg GmbH

Content and editorial responsibility: The content and editorial responsibility for the individual subpages lies with the respective degree programmes, departments and project management of research projects.

Object of the company: In accordance with the Fachhochschule Studies Act (FHStG): Implementation of Fachhochschule degree programmes and courses for further education; implementation of scientific research and development work in accordance with the Fachhochschule Studies Act as well as the organisation of scientific lectures, seminars, conferences, courses, scientific symposia and discussions.

Authorised representative bodies: Managing directors Dr. Doris Walter and Mag. Raimund Ribitsch or together with the Authorized Officer Mag. Hartwig Reiter.

Members of the supervisory board:

LAbg. KommR Mag. Hans Scharfetter (Chairman)
Mag.a Hilla Lindhuber (Deputy Chairwoman)
AK-Präsident Peter Eder
WK-Dir. Dr. Manfred Pammer Mag.a Cornelia Schmidjell-Esterbauer
WK-Vizeprä Mag.a Marianne Kusejko Doris Conci, MSc
Mag.a Gabriele Tischler DIin Brigitte Jellinek, MSc (BR chairwoman, delegated by the works council)
Markus Hussl (delegated by the works council) Martina Sageder (delegated by the works council)
Dkff. Susanne Steppat (delegated by the works council)

Ownership/participation/shareholdings and voting rights:

The company shares are determined by the amount of the capital contributions taken over. The Salzburg Chamber of Commerce and the Salzburg Chamber of Labour each hold 50 % of the shares in Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH, whereby EUR 1,000 of each assumed capital contribution represents one vote in the general meeting.

Basic direction: Promotion and support of the field of activity

Company name/business purpose and headquarters of WKS and AKS:

Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Salzburg, Markus-Sittikus-Straße 10, 5020 Salzburg; Object of the company: Representation of employees' interests;

Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, Julius-Raab-Platz 1, 5027 Salzburg; Object of the company: Representation of interests as well as information, advice and support of the respective members as legal representatives of interests.

Supervisory authority: Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria / Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

The Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH is a member of the Austrian Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK / Österreichische Fachhochschulkonferenz).

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