Employer Destination Gasteinertal

Attractive living space for locals = attractive working space for employees = attractive experience space for guests!

Questions to be answered in this project and objectives for the project:

  • What are other destinations in tourism already doing on this topic and what can the Gastein Valley learn from this?
  • What conclusions should be drawn for the destination?
  • What are the expectations of tourism employees for a destination in which they would live and work in the long term?
  • What concrete measures should the Gastein Valley as a destination take to become a top employer destination?

Methodological Framework and Overview Timetable

According to the current state of planning, the following dates are planned for classes, excursions and workshops (all events at the UAS with the exception of the excursion on 4.10.2022):


  • Methodological framework: In the course "Product Development Case Studies Destination Management", students* learn how to analyse the potentials of a destination, develop and select ideas and innovative products based on strategic development and positioning guidelines for a destination or a destination product by means of this concrete practical task. 
  • The procedure: Introductory course, analysis phase, excursion with company tour, strategy workshop, use of idea and product development tools such as service design or design thinking, strategy and idea workshop, concept development and presentation of results. The results are documented in the form of a presentation and an overall written report. Work in small groups.
  • The project is carried out as part of the course "Product Development Destination Management" in the 5th semester of the English-language degree programme IMT (Innovation and Management in Tourism).
  • Time frame: Winter semester 2022, starting with an introduction on 3.10.2022, a tour of the destination Gasteinertal on 4.10.2022 with a special employer destination focus, analysis workshop on 8.11.2022, strategy workshop on 5.12.2022 and final presentation with conclusion on 11.1.2023.
  • Students:  Bachelor's programme Innovation and Management in Tourism, specialisation Destination Management, 5th semester, English-language, part-time, approx. 20-24 persons.