A dual degree program offers the opportunity to earn two degrees within four years. Students at the Department of Business and Tourism can choose from partner universities in Japan, Spain and South Africa.

Key facts

  • Students in the programme "Innovation & Managemen in Tourism" only pay tuition fees at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS).
  • Recognition of courses and ECTS is well-defined in the contract. This means that the transferability of the courses is guaranteed.
  • Upon successful completion of the programs at SUAS and partner institution, students will receive two BA degrees.
  • Aside from gaining two BA degrees in four years, students will have the opportunity to increase their language competency in English and the local language, improve their social and intercultural skills, deepen their knowledge of the country of residence, and build and strengthen an international network.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu (Japan)

APU (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), Beppu, Japan
  • Students in the programme "Innovation & Managemen in Tourism"complete the first and fourth years of study at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) and the second and third years at APU. A work placement or internship during the stay in Japan is required. This internship will also be credited towards the work experience requirement at SUAS.
  • Students are required to take Japanese language courses at SUAS and at APU.
  • Courses relevant to the double degree in Japan are taught in English.
  • Aside from mandatory subjects, students can freely choose subjects of 16 APU Credits based on students’ interest.
  • Application deadline is the 15th of December in the students’ first semester at SUAS.
  • Students earn a Bachelor of Social Science after successful completion of APU requirements.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Barcelona (Spain)

UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain
  • Students complete the first, second and third years at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) and the fourth year at UAB.
  • SUAS students must return to SUAS for the final oral examination after they have completed and passed the program at UAB.
  • At UAB, SUAS students must submit a final project in the form of a business plan (Course: Final Project, 12 ECTS).
  • The language of the program at UAB is English. Students have the option to enroll in Spanish courses.
  • UAB offers specializations in Tourism Business management, Tourism Planning or Commercialization and Hotel Management. However, it is not mandatory to choose a specialization. Students can choose courses based on their interest.
  • Instead of a specialization, an internship (12 ECTS) can also be completed..
  • Application deadline is the 15th of March in the students’ 6th semester at FHS.
  • To obtain the UAB degree document, FHS students will pay the diploma fee, according to the official costs in Spain. The diploma fee at UAB for 2016-2017 is Eur 218.15.
  • After successful completion of the programme at UAB, students will gain the title Grado de Turismo.

University of the Free State in Bloemfontein (Südafrika)

UFS, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
  • Students in the Master's programme "Business Management" attend semesters 1 to 3 at the FH Salzburg, and semester 4 to 5 at the UFS in Bloemfontein, South Africa (where they complete the fourth semester of the FHS' master programme and attend the UFS' master programme). 
  • For UFS students the Honours degree obtained serves as 'credit' for the first semester of the programme and for entry into semester 2 of the FHS Master programme. They attend semesters 2 and 3 at the FH Salzburg and semester 4 to 5 at the UFS in Bloemfontein.
  • The programme is tied to the specialization of "Financial Risk Management" at the FH Salzburg and "Finance" at the UFS.
  • Courses relevant to the consecutive degree programme are taught in English. South African students have the option to enroll in German language courses.
  • Aside from mandatory subjects, students can choose subjects from a range of electives at both universities.
  • Application deadline is the 31st of May that precedes the start of the programme. 
  • Students earn a Master of Arts in Business (M.A.) with specialization in Financial Risk Management at the FHS and a Master of Commercie (M.Com.) with specialization in Finance at the UFS
  • There is no compulsory internship.
  • There are no additional fees.