At the Department of Business and Tourism, students can gain additional qualifications in their respective fields by taking courses outside the regular curriculum.

Business Management

Certificate "International Business Manager"

All courses offered in the International Business Management Certificate can also be booked individually as free electives:

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Austrian Economy European Context
  • Consumer Research in a Global Context
  • Resourcing
  • Special aspects ISCM and Purchasing
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Please note: Some courses are only offered to 2nd or 3rd year students as prior knowledge is necessary.

Innovation & Management in Tourism

The following free electives are offered in the winter semester:

  • Food and Tourism
  • Tourism Geography
  • German as a Foreign Language 1 - Starting Level A1
  • Japanese 1 - Starting Level A1
  • Spanish 1 - Starting Level A1
  • French 1 - Starting Level A1

A minimum of 8 participants is required for each course. The programme is happy to extend the offer to students from other degree programmes if there are still enough places available at the time of registration.