Fall/Winter: Module 1

International Supply Chain Management (30 ECTS)

In our globalized and digitalized world, excellent supply chain management has become essential. Modern supply chains require the global digital exchange of data from different partners from different countries of origin.

The focus module "International Supply Chain Management" (30 ECTS)allows students to develop all three competencies required of future supply chain managers: cross-cultural skills to organize and optimize global supply chains, the ability to support the digital transformation of supply chains, and finally the ability to improve sustainability in supply chain management.

      Courses fall/winter semester

      Graduates of this module will receive the SUAS International Supply Chain Management Certificate.

      To participate in the certificate course, the following requirements must be met:

      • Fundamentals in Business Management;
      • At least one module in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or equivalent at home institution.

      A minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 participants are required for the module International Supply Chain Management to take place.

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