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ENTREPRENEURSHIP ABC | Financing: Who is Who and Why?


Michael Pucher is a tax advisor at LeitnerLeitner and has been advising investors and companies in all phases of their development with a focus on private equity/venture capital for more than ten years. In addition to important information about financing instruments for start-ups, growth and innovation, he also gives you a direct insight into current financing opportunities for start-ups and tips on how founders can improve their options.

What makes a company eligible for financing?

  • In which start-up phase does which form of financing make sense?
  • Crowd Funding | Crowd Investing | Business Angels vs. Venture Capital
  • What other forms of financing are available?
  • What requirements must be met in order to be eligible for them?
  • What are the challenges of early-stage financing with equity capital?
  • What do successful technology start-ups do differently?

After the keynote speech, you can discuss your current situation directly with the LeitnerLeitner expert in a workshop format and work out your problems in small groups.

Free but binding registration for the Entrepreneurship ABC with limited places (30 p.) required.