FHStartup Center

Let's start up!

The FHStartup Center is the first point of contact for alumni, students and others interested in starting their own startup.

FH Startup: Mission & Goals

The goals of the FHStartup Center: Salzburg is becoming Austria’s most important startup region – and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is becoming the most entrepreneur-friendly university in the region. 

The FHStartup Center functions as: 

  • an ambassador of entrepreneurial spirit
    We aim to awaken entrepreneurial spirit by supporting business ideas through ideation and scouting. We also help the idea generator to investigate possible applications for their idea.  

  • a sparring partner for new starters
    We aim to support people interested in starting their own startup. Our “Entrepreneurship ABC” workshops offer expert knowledge on anything from business models to property rights. 

  • a bridge-builder and networking partner
    We aim to connect startups to experts at SUAS. We support startups through networking activities, individual mentoring and an office and IT infrastructure tailored to the maturity of the proposal.

The government of Salzburg, Salzburg Economic Chamber, ITG Salzburg, the University of Salzburg, Paracelsus Private Medical University of Salzburg, Coworking Salzburg and Techno-Z are also involved in the 'Startup Salzburg' initiative

The services we offer will continue to expand in the same way that any startup does. Ideas on the theme of “Let’s start up” are always welcome!