How much does it cost to study at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences? How does the registration for the SUAS work? What do I have to take into account regarding deadlines? In the FAQs we have summarized the most frequent questions and answers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In Austria, there are different types of universities. In addition to public and private universities there are also pedagogic universities and universities of applied sciences. Since the Bologna Declaration, the higher education sector in Europe has been standardized, and degrees (bachelor's and master's) at the various types of higher education institutions in the European countries have been standardized and put on an equal footing.

However, both institutions differ in the organization and execution of studies. Here are the most important facts about studying at a university of applied sciences:

  • Practice-oriented: Universities of applied sciences offer practice-oriented education at an academic level. You will be given the tools you need for a successful career start. Practice is combined with education: Many lecturers at the SUAS come directly from practice and pass on current and above all applicable know-how to the students. What they learn is put into practice in class on real projects with companies. Last but not least, a compulsory work placement is a fixed component of the curriculum. Research is also very important at universities of applied sciences - especially in the master's degree programs, students are strongly involved in this area.
  • Limited study places: Universities of applied sciences have a fixed number of places, which is based on the demand for skilled workers in the economy. Thus, universities of applied sciences always train exactly the same number of specialists as the industry is looking for. You must therefore always apply for a place and go through an admission procedure. Once you have been accepted, it is guaranteed that you will be supervised individually in small groups and that infrastructure and equipment will be available in sufficient quantity. This way you can fully concentrate on your studies. Your fellow students will accompany you throughout your studies, and networks (and friendships) will be built for life.
  • Fixed schedule – plannable duration of study: This does not mean that you will automatically receive your degree after six semesters. Our degree programme is just as demanding as a university degree programme. However, it enables you to complete your bachelor's or master's degree within the prescribed period of study thanks to the fixed timetable, the secured places in courses and laboratories and the supervision in small groups. The bachelor's degree programmes last six semesters, which can be followed by a four-semester master's degree programme. For this reason, attendance is compulsory at the Salzburg University of Applied Scienes (usually 75%). Should you need to take a break in exceptional situations or need more flexibility, the SUAS will support you as much as possible.
  • Tuition fees: In contrast to the universities there are tuition fees at most universities of applied sciences, including the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The tuition fee per semester is 363 euros plus the student union fee (approximately 20 euros). If you are entitled to a scholarship, this applies at universities of applied scienes as well as at universities.

In conclusion, it cannot be said that one or the other course of study is the better option. Rather, every prospective student should make the decision dependent on his/her own personality as well as on one's career and future expectations.

In comparison to universities, universities of applied sciences do charge tuition fees. The fee is EUR 363 per semester, plus the statutory student union fee (approximately EUR 25 per semester).

In general, studies at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences always start in the winter semester. The admission procedures for all degree programmes are only carried out once a year (with the exception of those degree programmes that do not start annually). This means that a start in the summer semester is usually not possible.

Of course, you can also spend a semester abroad as part of your studies - you can choose from more than170 partner universities worldwide! Our team at the International Office is your competent contact for all questions regarding your stay abroad and will be happy to offer you the best possible support.

Last but not least, there is also the possibility of doing an internship abroad - our International Office will also be happy to help you with this

The majority of our courses have German as language of instruction. This means that the majority of courses at the SUAS are held in German. In addition, foreign language courses may be part of the curriculum.

However, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences also offers the following English-speaking degree programmes:

The application for all our study programmes is done online on our website. The online application always opens on November 1st and closes on a different date, depending on the study programme. Therefore, please pay attention to the application deadlines!

Here you can find our Online Application!

Applicants with international previous education can find additional information regarding legalization and translation of documents, as well as admission requirements, here.

Admission to a Bachelor programme is granted on the grounds that the secondary school leaving certificate is equivalent to an Austrian one. Admission can also be granted if an applicant has already completed a bachelor programme of at least 3 years' duration at an accredited institution in or outside Austria. Here you can find more information.

For a master's degree you need a relevant bachelor's degree. More detailed information on the required ECTS can be found under the tab "Admission Requirements" of the respective course of studies.

Within the scope of the online application, you can (usually) choose between different dates, but a chosen date is then binding. Please choose a suitable date and make sure you can come!

If you are actually unable to attend any of the dates offered, please contact the respective course office.

The online application will be open from November 1st. Please note the respective deadlines, which vary from degree programme to degree programme.

Online Application

The online application for our study programmes starts on November 1st. The application periods end differently - the exact dates can be found at the respective degree programme. Please inform yourself in time, because some degree programmes close very early. 

Non-EU Students: We strongly recommend that non-EU/EEA citizens and/or applicants with an international previous education submit their documents, translated and legalized if applicable for your country, as soon as possible, but at latest by 31 March so you can start the visa/residence permit process in time. This process may take up to 6 months.

Online Application

Yes, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is offering its prospective students the opportunity to find out more about their desired study programme on a Saturday and get a taste of the campus atmosphere! On a Saturday in autumn, representatives of the degree programmes are available for personal counselling interviews and provide an insight into studying at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Urstein Campus & Kuchl Campus).


We visit numerous education fairs in Austria and Germany, a few even in other neighbouring EU countries.

Education fair dates. 

If you do not have time to attend our information events such as the Open House or Info-Saturday, the team of the student advisory service will be happy to help you.

Contact: or by telephone under 0043 50 2211-1022 or -1023.

You are also welcome to arrange an individual consultation appointment with us.

At both - the Urstein and Kuchl campus - it is possible to register for a room in a student dormitory. The rooms are not managed by the SUAS, but by the Salzburger Studentenwerk. Please register in time!

Contact student dormitories Salzburg.

In addition,the housing platform of Salzburg ÖH constantly posts housing offers online.

Here you can find further information about living and leisure time in Salzburg and its university of applied sciences.