University of Applied Sciences Board

The Board of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences performs all tasks of the current University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHG), and ensures the autonomy of the university. The Rectorate (Rector and Vice-Rectors) is responsible for the overall management.

Eva Brucker, Ulrike Szigeti, Roald Steiner, Julia Schwarzacher, Hilmar Linder; Daniela Molzbichler, Günther Grall, Hermann Rauchenschwandtner; Hermann Huber, Gerhard Jöchtl, Geja Oostingh, Melanie Roth; Reinhard Bauer, Aziz Khouni, Thomas Heistracher, Melanie Günther; not in picture: Markus Leeb, Remalia A. Maghiar, Ferdinand A. Schimana

Members of the Board

Roald Steiner, FH-Vice Rector

Vice Chairwoman
Ulrike Szigeti, FH-Vice Rector

Heads of the Degree Programmes
Reinhard Bauer, Radiologietechnologie
Eva Brucker, Innovation & Management im Tourismus
Günther Grall, Design- & Produktmanagement
Gerhard Jöchtl, Informationstechnik & System-Management
Hilmar Linder, MultiMediaTechnology
Geja Oostingh, Biomedizinische Analytik

Teaching and research staff
Hermann Huber, Holztechnologie & Holzbau
Markus Leeb, Smart Building
Daniela Molzbichler, Soziale Arbeit
Hermann Rauchenschwandtner, Betriebswirtschaft
Melanie Roth, Gesundheits- & Krankenpflege
Julia Schwarzacher, MultiMediaArt

Student representation
Melanie Günther, Betriebswirtschaft, Master
Aziz Khouni, Innovation & Management in Tourism, Master
Remalia Andrada Maghiar, Holztechnologie & Holzwirtschaft, Master
Ferdinand Alexander Schimana, MultiMediaTechnology, Master

Update: 24.05.2023

Rules of Procedure and Statute

Acc. to § 10 Abs. 3 Z 10 FHG, one of the tasks of the University of Applied Sciences Board shall be to adopt rules of procedure and a statute in consultation with the provider.

Furthermore, the statute shall, as a minimum, include the curriculum and examination regulations, rules for the election of the Board, the establishment of working groups, if any, and their statutes, provisions for the advancement of women, provisions on attendance quorums of the Board, the equal opportunities plan, provisions on the establishment and discontinuation of degree programmes and courses for continuing education as well as guidelines for the appropriate use of designations used in the university system and for the award of academic honours.

The statute shall be published in a suitable format. Also, the University Entrance Qualification Examination (§ 5 FHG) shall be regulated in the statute.

Documents are available in German only.

Complaints committee

Against decisions of the Head of the Degree Progamme, students and applicants shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the University of Applied Sciences Board (acc. to § 10 para 6 FHG).

Complaints can be lodged personally. The chairperson of the University of Applied Sciences Board is the contact person:

The University of Applied Sciences Board can establish a complaints committee, which will process the complaint against decisions of the Head of the Degree Progamme.