Alumni Network

During the time spent at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences you expanded your existing knowledge, acquired new knowledge and prepared for your career. Our goal is to work with our graduates after completion of their studies, to build up a partnership and to maintain contact.

You are not only our most important ambassadors, but can continue to benefit from the scientific, social and cultural mental exchanges with colleagues and teachers.

Choose from the varied program of events offering current topics for alumni or take the opportunity to participate in specialist events, symposia, etc. Suggestions for workshops and presentations, reports from your practical experience are also welcome and will be gladly acted upon!

Almost every day you can find new job offers on the platform of internationally-operating companies and institutions. If you are already in the working world, and are looking for qualified employees, you also can advertise any job offers, such as internships for students.

To become a member of the Alumni Club, register and take advantage of the wide range of offers - according to the motto at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences:

Use diversity, reinforce strengths!