Startup-Center Services

FHStartup Center Services

The FHStartup Center offers a comprehensive range of services for two different phases: 

The seed phase: create, reflect and get trained

Regular activities are organised to help awaken interest in entrepreneurship. Ideas and possible applications for these ideas are closely evaluated and enhanced. The FHStartup Center offers support in identifying new, sustainable business models and will work with you to develop them. No matter what stage your proposal is at or how mature it is, you can put forward your ideas, reflect on them with your peers and receive feedback from coaches.

  • Coaching Tuesday (First Tuesday in Campus Urstein & Last Tuesday in Campus Kuchl)
  • Canvas Sessions

If you want to get access to even more entrepreneurial know-how, you can take part in workshops and training sessions on startup-relevant topics, run by experienced instructors and workshop leaders from the startup scene, regional business and academia.

  • Entrepreneurship ABC 

Pre-start and start phase: prepare, start & get mentored 

During the pre-startup and startup phase, the FHStartup Center will help you to implement your proposal and professionalise it through providing tailored mentoring, networking activities, access to personnel, project integration and the required infrastructure. 

Become an FHStartup Fellow and further your company’s development by taking advantage of the FHStartup Center’s tailored support.