Library Campus Kuchl

With the beginning of the winter semester 2020/2021 the collection at the Kuchl Library comprised around 5,500 specimens and is supplemented by 64 subscriptions to professional journals, reports and studies as well as 7.000 e-journals and 12.500 e-books.

Kuchl Library

The libary is on the 1st floor, room no. 1.08.


The library at Campus Kuchl is

closed from Saturday, 17.10.2020, 0:00 h until provisionally 1.11.2020

No borrowing or return of media is possible!


  • Admission to the library only for students and staff, after registration in the list available at the entrance.
  • Please wear a mouth and nose protection, which can be taken off at the reading and research desk. As soon as one moves freely in the library, the mouth and nose protector must be put on again.
  • Lending and returns: Media can be taken off the shelf by the user, borrowing and return at the desk in the library.
  • Copiers in the library: Only one person at a time, observe distance rules.

We look forward to your visit and ask you to observe the relevant Covid-19 safety regulations in the interest of all of us - thank you!


Service for readers

T +43-(0)50-2211-2500

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Portrait of: Allnoch Angela
Angela Allnoch
Librarian, Library
Location: Campus Kuchl
Room: Kuchl - 1.08