Research and Development

Research made by Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Research & Development (R&D) joins teaching as an important pillar of activity for Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and is characterised by real-world applicability and close links to business, industry and society.

Research, Development and Transfer

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has a research revenue totalling approximately 3,5 million euros per year. Approximately 25% of all third-party funding comes from companies, whilst the remaining three quaters comes from a variety of different public funding agencies.

The research skills of our researchers are showcased in approximately 100 R&D projects per year and a number of research publications. The university also utilises cutting-edge technology and high-end laboratory equipment to create a modern, efficient research infrastructure.

All of these factors make Salzburg University of Applied Sciences an innovative research and co-operation partner for regional, national and – increasingly – international companies.

Research Focus Areas

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences focuses its research on a number of different areas. This enables the university to concentrate on its strengths and compete effectively at a national and international level. Like its degree programmes, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences’ diverse research is clustered in four disciplines:

  • Engineering that conducts research in the following fields: Forest Products Technology & Biogenic Technology, Information Technology & Systems Management and Smart Building & Smart City.
  • Business and Social Sciences that conducts research in the following areas: Business Management, Tourism Research and 'Social Work, Social Innovation and Society'
  • Design, Media and Arts with DEIREISA Design Research Salzburg and research into MultiMediaArt and MultiMediaTechnology
  • Health Studies with R&D activities linked to the university’s degree programmes in Health Studies

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