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Applications to our university have to be submitted digitally. Applicants with an international previous education, however, also have to submit documents in the original or as legalised copies. You can find detailed information under bachelor or master programme requirements. Please scan all required documents (e.g. secondary school leaving or bachelor certificate), save and upload them in the required format. Please make sure you have consulted these pages as only complete and properly labelled documents will be considered for admission. 

The Online Application for the winter semester 2021/22 intake is available as of 1 November 2020) (Exceptions: Certificate Programme for Search Engine Marketing and Academic programme for scientific training in higher level nursing; the application for these programmes is already possible. Note: Those programmes are conducted in German language).
If the link doesn't work, please check if you have activated all necessary pop-ups and then upload. If the link doesn't work, please check if you have activated all necessary pop-ups.

We strongly recommend that non-EU/EEA citizens and/or applicants with an international previous education submit their documents, translated and legalised if applicable for your country, as soon as possible, but at latest by 31 March so you can start the visa/residence permit process in time. This process may take up to 6 months. See "Legalisation and Translation" for further details. 

Please note that in some programmes the final application deadline may be even earlier.

Please note the respective deadlines per degree programme for your registration!

You can find these deadlines (the last possible time of your registration) under  your chosen degree programme.

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