The 'Startup Salzburg' Initiative

The Startup Salzburg initiative seeks out startup founders with innovative ideas and helps them along their path to self-employment. Startup Salzburg partners – the State of Salzburg government, Innovation Salzburg, Salzburg Economic Chambers, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Salzburg – contribute to the success of the initiative by pooling together their expertise. 

Tailored roadmap 

Startup Servicepoints work with the startup founder to create a tailored roadmap for implementing their projects and scouting out support opportunities within the network. Startup Salzburg's support model adapts to the maturity and individual needs of each startup: 

During the idea phase, Startup Salzburg runs activities in a wide range of formats (challenges, canvas sessions, etc.), which can be attended by anybody with a creative, innovative mind. Startup Salzburg Servicepoints are located at participating universities and offer advice to future startup founders, pass on knowledge about entrepreneurship and connect students. 

During the pre-foundation and foundation phase, Startup Salzburg concentrates on developing and elaborating on a business idea using the Startup Feedback Form or the Startup Salzburg Weekend; implementing the technical aspects of a startup; and networking and dialogue with other startup founders and/or established companies. At this point, the focus is on scrutinising business models, learning from one another, offering support during difficult phases of the startup process and avoiding mistakes. 

Since Autumn 2016, Startup Salzburg has been offering an incubation programme for highly innovative startups in their maturity phase. This programme offers tailored support from a startup advisor and experienced mentors, as well as exclusive training sessions and events for accessing capital. Programme participants are selected by an independent jury. 

Servicepoints are available at five different locations and can help you to find the right services for your needs. They will work with you to develop a route that suits you and that will enable you to become a successful startup.