Cooperations with Companies

Cooperations with the (regional) businesses is a key success factor for training at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS).

There are many interfaces to business: experts from companies teach at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, students write theses for and with companies, research projects are developed in cooperation with business, and seminars deal with questions from companies. This practical relevance enables students to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in various projects. Companies have the advantage that problems are illuminated and dealt with and the results can be integrated into their business processes.

Cooperation opportunities

There are many possibilities for cooperations: topics for seminar papers, bachelor or master theses or research and development projects can be assigned by companies or specialist lectures on a specific topic. The offer for internships also enables companies to let students work on a specific issue.

Are you interested in cooperating with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

We are happy if you are interested in working with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Contact us with your project idea. Depending on the topic and time resources in the course, a project can be implemented. It should be noted that a lead time of around six months is necessary for implementation.

Portrait of: Mag. Langthaler Ingrid
Ingrid Langthaler
Coordinator Career Center & Corporate Partnership
Corporate Communications & Marketing
Location: Campus Urstein
Room: Urstein - 276
T: +43-50-2211-1053