Gender & Diversity

Studies and work for all

‘Gender and diversity’ is all about addressing differences with a view to ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities, whilst harnessing the power of diversity. As an educational institution, we see it as our responsibility to consider various framework conditions, view things from different perspectives and keep on asking what ‘normal’ means in our ever-changing society.

With all of this in mind, we make sure that the issues of gender and diversity are addressed within different fields and at different levels on the academic and administrative side of things – by students and staff alike. It is our aim to use diversity on a personal and institutional level more to our benefit, ensuring that there is more chance of inclusion for everyone.

Our Gender and Diversity Officers are points of contact for...

  • Students with disabilities: Current and future students with a disability or chronic illness can speak to the officers if they need any advice or support relating to their studies. (Refer also to the uniability information sheet [pdf])
  • Degree programmes and Rectorate: covering diversity as part of university didactics and teaching.
  • Staff and current/future students: wanting to ask questions relating to equality and discrimination.
  • Institutions: looking to form and maintain networks.

Students and staff at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences can find out more on the Intranet (myFHS).

Gender & Diversity Officer for Students/Staff

Portrait of: Meinhart Christoph, BSc, MScN
  • Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Location: Uniklinikum Salzburg
Room: S Haus 8, Eingang 8.2.,1.OG, 126
T: +43-57255-20659