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Open Lecture: Fulbright Professor David Bassuk

17:00 - 18:30

Open Lecture by Fulbright Professor David Bassuk: »CRAFTING THE ILLUMINARIUM: at the Intersection of Human Creativity and AI in Spatial Narratives«

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David Bassuk is an innovative leader who integrates multiple disciplines, including theater, transmedia, immersive narrative, experience design, game design, and spatial narrative in virtual and location-based technology. David focuses on developing meaningful and engaging interactions between designers and participants, utilizing layers of technology within live performances and theme parks. His expertise spans the intersection of academia and the creative industries, and he has worked on projects in entertainment venues and heritage sites alongside interaction designers and creative technologists.

David holds several prestigious positions: a Professor of Theatre Arts at the Conservatory of the Arts at SUNY Purchase College, the Creative Director of White Horse Immersive in Hangzhou, China, and an Associate Artist of the David Glass Ensemble. Additionally, he directs the Immersive Transmedia Metaverse Course at MIAT Institute in Milan, Italy, and is a founding member of the Order of the Wild. He is also an Immersive Narrative Consultant for the Iraqi Futures 2050 Project under the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI). As a consultant, David provides valuable strategies for devising and developing curriculums and cultural productions in the arts, entertainment, and tourism sectors. His expertise extends to design methods for collaboration and co-creation across various creative industries.

»CRAFTING THE ILLUMINARIUM: at the Intersection of Human Creativity and AI in Spatial Narratives« David Bassuk‘s lecture delves deeper into the evolving storytelling landscape, tracing the journey from personal narratives to expansive transmedia and, finally, the metaverse. He discusses innovative storytelling methods that leverage human imagination augmented by AI, enhancing how stories are created and experienced across various platforms. This multidisciplinary approach broadens audience engagement and transforms interaction within diverse

Die Open Lecture findet im Rahmen der Antrittsvorlesung statt.