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Youth for Social Change - European Multiplier Event

09:00 - 16:00

The goal of the Youth for Social Change-project (Y4SC) is to create active and healthy local communities of practice in order to empower young people to become active agents of change – in their individual lives and also for their surroundings. In the last two years, the project partners reached out to youngsters in Germany, North Macedonia, Portugal and Aus-tria to promote the idea of an active lifestyle and social health. The methodological approach of the project was to focus on a common idea and to adapt the training activities to the cir-cumstances of each region – for which the circumstances indeed differed a lot.

The meeting in Salzburg will provide the opportunity to report the activities and results of the Y4SC project to stakeholders and professionals of social health and sport for development: teachers, trainers, youth and social workers, sport associations, public bodies, and, last but not least, international and Austrian students. We also want to discuss the experiences we made in the context of current findings of social research on young people, given that the questions we had to deal with will surely stay relevant after the end of Y4SC: How to reach out to youngsters that are hard to reach? How to raise awareness for health in an environment that sometimes encourages unhealthy behavior? How to foster agency in groups that are not (yet) used to making responsible decisions?